Team Requirements

This year (2022-2023), team requirements are as follows:
Each team must have a National membership. Teams can register with the national organization at The cost is $290 for the 1st membership, and the discounts are offered for multiple memberships.

Team Registration Online
Note to coordinator or coach: please print and complete these forms prior to registering your team on the state site.

  • 2022-23 Team Registration Form (Coming Soon)
  • 2022-23 Palms Regional Judge Form (Coming Soon)
  • 2022-23 Palms Regional Worker Form (Coming Soon)

Teams may register online with FLOMA at: The cost is $150.00 per team and $20.00 for Primary teams. All teams must be registered and paid by December 15th to avoid a $20 late fee. If you do not yet have a judge or worker for your team, just put coach name & contact information in order to complete your registration. All judge information must be complete as of December 30th.

Remember: each team is required to secure 1 judge and 1 worker. Judge must attend training, tournament, and will only be able to see teams they are “judging”.

Regional Fee: due to rising costs for site, supplies for tournament, printing of program, we are charging each team $25. This fee will be added to your invoice when you register your team. This helps pay for our tournament site, plus materials and supplies used on tournament day.

When entering team/judge/worker contact information on the state site, do not use a School District  email address. SD emails block many email addresses making communication difficult. We must have email addresses that get checked regularly.

Problem Clarification: February 15th of the current OM year. All teams need to check the national website for problem clarification FREQUENTLY, even after this date. National has added some clarifications in the past after the deadline, even up to World Finals. In the end, it is the team’s responsibility.

  • Each team is required to provide on judge and one worker for the regional competition. Registration must be included with your team registration.
  • This person agrees to attend judge’s training  and to judge at the regional competition
  • Judges are committed to one area the whole day of competition and can’t leave to see their own child compete in another problem, so teachers, guidance counselors, and administrators make good prospects for judges. Judges are the heart of a quality tournament.
  • For us to ensure a successful experience for the participants, judges must commit to and attend the training, or teams will be penalized. Judging assignments will be ready for pick up on the day of the Mandatory Judges Training.
  • The regional tournament requires funds for custodial services, printing costs, the program, T-shirts for judges, and other miscellaneous expenses. To pay for this, we are requiring each team to pay a $25.00 regional registration fee, which will be added to the invoice when the team is registered on our state website.

2022-23 Coordinator’s Letter (Coming Soon)

Team Required Lists

Please look at Forms & Files tab.  If not there, they should be there sometime mid-January.  Please refer to your problem for specifics.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Judi Hueter: