State Update – Map

Hi Coaches,

I am sure you are working hard with your teams to prepare and as it gets closer to the state tournament I am sure the excitement is rising!!!
REMINDER: We will sit together as a region at the arena. We are PALMS and will be together to cheer!! Look for a map in your registration packet that shows where to sit OR look for the PALMS banner that will be hanging proudly in the arena!! We will be right there with our banner!
As I looked through the packet you received I realized there was not a good map to guide you around UCF. State map odyssey
If you have not been there before we basically stay in one area of the campus between the student union and arena.  I have attached a map to help guide you to the areas we will be using
Remember to bring lawn chairs and picnic blankets for sitting outside during the day.  This will allow you to get out of the hustle and bustle of the problem sites for some quiet time if needed.
There are many experienced coaches in Palms that have been to state before if you have any suggestions for first-time attendees please share and I will post them in one last update before we meet at state!
Please review the map – make sure you know where you are going and where you are parking.
PRIMARY: I believe the Black and Gold Room is located in the Arena.
I hope to see many of our teams perform during the day and wish you all good luck!
Palms may be small but we are MIGHTY!
Take Care

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