Let The Problem Solving and STEM Season Begin!

Dear Odyssey of the Mind Families, Coaches, and interested folks,

I want to welcome you once again to our Odyssey of the Mind 2017 -2018 year. I will be your host – oh I mean Regional Director for this year’s journey!
Welcome to the following OFFICIALLY registered schools:
  • Bayshore
  • Lincoln Park Academy
  • Morningside
  • St. Anastasia
  • St. Andrews Episcopal Academy
  • coming soon –
If you have not signed up here is the link: https://www.odysseyofthemind.com/p/join/
I am so excited by the interest in this year’s problems! I know many of you are in the middle of registering because I have spoken to you!!! Hurry up!
This year’s problems are simply THE BEST! Go to our website to see the problem synopsis: http://www.palmsodyssey.org/problem/long-term-problem-synopses/
Know someone who is interested? Have them join us for a FREE LIVE interest meeting from the comfort of their own school or home!
                 Date                     Time                Select link to connect to the meeting
Monday, Sept. 25, 2017, 7:00 pm – 7:30 pm         join.me/213-033-650
Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2017, 7:00 pm – 7:30 pm        join.me/597-423-428
Thursday, Sept. 28, 2017, 7:00 pm – 7:30 pm      join.me/600-948-761
Please feel free contact me with any questions or schedule a meeting!!
Don’t Miss out – FIRST Coaches meeting of the year and a chance to win prizes!
                      Oct 7, 2017, from 9:30 – 12:30
            Morningside Elementary School in Port St. Lucie (if you live far far away please let Judi know so we can stream you in!)
What is new this year for Palms?
Online Coaches Support for all coaches!
This year we will host online meetings for coach support! That’s right we know you are busy so we want to help you connect with us from the comfort of your own digital device!! We are a huge region and want to provide you with support as much as possible! We will learn about brainstorming (don’t use one of your first 10 -15 ideas – did you know that?) how to read an odyssey problem – it’s not easy and we will ask you what you want to talk about so we meet your needs!
Structures? Sound Scary? Not this year! What a great problem – and we have our own support for structures coaches and teams! All you have to do is – well say yes! If your teams say yes when we ask – well we will offer our structures teams a one of kind meet up to learn from engineers and others about all types of structures in our world.
Any idea of things that will support you? We are ready to listen – you can email or find us on  facebook page or twitter – we are out there and easy to find!
Speaking of support – One last thing – this year we have stepped outside our box and have been scouting out support for our region. We function solely on donations and volunteers. Our money goes to help the region do the best job we can for our kids. Thank you to the following companies who have already shown their support this year:
(To understand the meaning behind the names of the levels just go to the attachment)
Company                                    Level of Support 
Associated Coastal ENT Ranatra Fusca
Friends of Bats Omer
Captec Engineering Style
Raka Inc Style
Thank you, everyone, for your support! Have a wonderful day!
Take Care

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