Fundraising Meeting

Dear Odyssey Volunteers,
Our little region is in need of BIG support! Our current budget for 2018 will NOT allow us to stay at Suncoast for the Palms Regional Tournament. We are being proactive NOW so we can make it work!
PLEASE SHARE: We need support from – volunteers, parents, coaches, alumni or anyone who loves Odyssey!
Join our Eat, Meet and Talk session on May 20, 2017, from 12:30 – 2:30. We will discuss:
  • Where does the money go?

What are we raising money for? fundraising goal – Regional tournament location, support for                  teams going to state and the world competition

  • What do we have to offer?

Discuss what can we offer businesses or people who donate
Name on website, Name on the program, Name on a t-shirt???

  • Create a letter to go out to businesses: to raise awareness, money, goods, donations etc. (anyone with a generic letter that we can start with please let me know)
  • Brainstorm a list of businesses to send the letter too
  • Grant Writing – who might have grants we can apply for?
Our bank account is low but our spirit and creativity is high! Let’s dig in during our ‘off ‘ season to figure out how we can make sure our region is ready for our kids in the fall!
If you know of any coaches or other adults who might want to join us please let us know!!!!
Where:   Judi and Ed’s House
               Email: for directions
When:     May 20, 2017
Time:      12:30 – 2:30

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